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Exterior Plaster Cladding & Painting Experts in New Zealand

Premium Building, Maintenance & Renovation Services in Auckland


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Beautiful Villa
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Beautiful Villa

Our Expertise

Welcome to TradeSure, your trusted partner for all your home maintenance, plastering and painting needs in Auckland.


Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to providing practical solutions, ranging from cladding repairs and building, to top-notch plaster, painting and exquisite home renovations, all covered by a 10 years workmanship warranty,


With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, we take pride in keeping your home in perfect condition. 








Plastered Home

Our Services

Plaster Clad Repairs

We use proven systems and quality products for repairing cracks, sealing cladding penetrations and joinery to ensure your home is watertight for years to come.

Complete Home Painting

Using only the highest quality, tried and tested coatings, our highly experienced painters will give your home a new lease on life!

Building Repairs

Our licensed builders carry out simple repairs to full rot removal, structural repairs to full re-clads.

Colour Consultancy

Access our highly experienced colour consultants to advise you on the best colour options for you home, potentially increasing the value of your property.

Leaky Building Inspections

Using the most advanced leak detection technologies, our experts will identify the areas of water ingress in your proerty and provide a comprehensive report, including a repair and maintenance plan.

Leaky Building Repairs

Our experienced professionals identify the best course of action to repair leaky buildings, by the most cost effective means, ensuring your not paying for uneccessary costly repairs.

Roof Repairs, Maintenance & Painting

To ensure your roof is completely watertight, our skilled roofers assess every area of the roof, including, membranes, diverters and flashings, before advising on the best course of action, from moss treatments & pointing repairs to full repaints and re-roofs. We cover all the bases

Interior Plasterboard Fixing, Stopping & Painting

With an average of 15 years experience, all our licensed fixers and plasterers can provide the highest quality of plaster finishes for interior walls and ceilings, from level 1 to 5.

Window Joinery Repairs & Refurbishment

Repairing, restoring, rejuvenating and protecting faded aluminium window joinery and garage doors.

"It was great to have Greg and his team develop an on-going maintenance strategy for one of our multi tenanted buildings we have under management."

Graeme Perigo - Bayleys
Senior Commercial Broker

Apartment Building

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Home Interior and Exterior Experts in Auckland
Home Interior and Exterior Experts in Auckland
Home Interior and Exterior Experts in Auckland
Plaster Home
Beautiful Villa

Who We Are

TradeSure was founded by a group of licenced builders, plasterers and painters who saw an increasing number of homes being effected by Leaky home syndrome.


They decided to create a company that went beyond just the cladding to repair the underlying issues many of these homes suffered from carrying out remedial building work to replacing rotten timber with treated timber as well as improving aspects of the design like improved flashings, diverters, internal drains and window joinery.

Beautiful Villa
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